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Aluminum: The Best Metal for the Environment and Your Wallet!

As I was checking out one of our partners websites today (shout out to Renaissance Patio!), I noticed they had an amazing article on aluminum and how it's environmentally friendly! While we here at A1 Aluminum might be a little biased in already thinking that aluminum is the best metal to build with, I found this article to be extremely well written and informative! I've copied it below so that you don't have to go searching for it. And of course, please know that I didn't write this article, Renaissance Patio did. Feel free to check out their website for ideas of what we can build for you!

1. Aluminum is environmentally friendly

From soda cans to skyscrapers, aluminum is one of the world’s most recyclable products. Like many other construction and manufacturing processes, Renaissance Patio uses as much as 50 percent recycled material in our extruded aluminum structures. Recycling not only limits invasive aluminum mining but also requires only 5 percent of the energy needed to make the original product.

2. Aluminum is easy to work with

Its high strength-to-weight ratio makes aluminum a favorite material among contractors and homeowners. Its lightweight makes it easy to handle, load, and transport, cutting labor, fuel, freight, and staging costs. Renaissance Patio’s insistence on high-end extruded aluminum and precise engineering standards makes our products a bit more costly than wood, but this investment in quality is offset by the ease of construction. Professional, local installers can build your Renaissance shade structure in a fraction of the time it would take to erect foundations and place heavy wood columns, beams, and bracings. Structurally sound aluminum is the perfect option for gazebos, garden trellises, and other standalone outdoor living spaces as well as traditional patio covers and roofs that attach to your home.

3. Aluminum is durable

Unlike wood, Renaissance Patio’s aluminum shade structures won’t rot or invite termites to a buffet. And unlike vinyl, our products won’t crack or emit a cheap, “plastic-y” vibe. Aluminum can withstand whatever Mother Nature can throw at it, making it the best option for any climate. It is strong enough to bear the heavy, wet snow that comes from New England’s nor’easters. Its natural patina eliminates rust, making it impervious to the Pacific Northwest’s perpetual rains. It resists corrosion even in Florida’s salty air. It doesn’t warp, even in the relentless heat of Phoenix or Las Vegas.

4. Aluminum is virtually maintenance-free

Because aluminum is non-porous, dirt and contaminants cannot gain a foothold to dirty the surface. Renaissance finishes each component’s visible surfaces with a baked-on powder coating that is as tough as it is beautiful. If you take reasonable care not to bang the posts with grills and patio furniture or chip the paint with errant knuckleballs and ill-advised slapshots, the glossy façade will last for decades with no need to sand, prime, and repaint. Aluminum construction lets you spend more time enjoying your pergola or patio cover than taking care of it. Simply with soap and water to keep it looking like new.

5. Aluminum saves energy costs

Renaissance Patio uses insulated aluminum patio roofing panels in our Classico, Contempo, and Moderno roofing lines that not only cool your patio but also can lower energy costs inside your home. Adding one of our attached shade structures cools the air outside before it can soak into your home where it must be mechanically – and expensively – conditioned. Reducing the electricity spend on air conditioning offers a significant benefit, but your aluminum shade structure also will prevent a significant amount of sunlight from beaming through previously exposed windows and patio doors. Aluminum is highly reflective, deflecting the sun’s direct glare while admitting more mellow afternoon rays for healthy, natural lighting.

The most abundant metal on earth and infinitely recyclable, aluminum supplies are readily accessible. Despite continually increasing demand as a building material, thanks to its strength, weight, appearance, and adaptability, aluminum remains an economical choice for patio covers and other outdoor living spaces.

*Once again, all credit for these 5 reasons to choose aluminum, and the content within is given to Renaissance Patio; here is a link to the original article

Cover image taken from Renaissance Patio gallery of Fresco Patios. Note, this IS something that we can build for you!

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