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We're Not Just the Lanai Guys

In our area screening in your lanai seems to be the trendy thing to do right now. We absolutely love this as it gives homeowners more usable outdoor space. But, what if you don’t have a lanai? Here are 4 other ways we can make your outdoor space more enjoyable.

  1. Pergola

  2. Screened Enclosure

  3. Insulated Panel Roof Room

  4. Pool Cage

Bonus: Customized Hybrid Project.


Pergolas: aluminum structures that stand over pavers or concrete, with slatted roofs to provide a decent amount of shade while also letting the sunlight through. These structures are perfect for extending your outdoor space, but still providing you with open walls so that you and your family can easily and completely interact with your backyard space.

Screened Enclosure: an aluminum framed structure, with screened walls, that feels like an extension of your existing home. A screened enclosure is the perfect way to enjoy your morning coffee, or an evening meal, outside without bugs and geckos trying to join you.

Insulated Panel Roof Room: Ever go outside and think, this weather is beautiful but if it was 10 degrees cooler it would be perfect? Of course you have, we live in Florida! An Insulated Panel Room provides that 10 degree difference for you! An insulated panel room is a room we build with *you guessed it* insulated panels as the roof, and aluminum and screened walls as the sides of the room. These insulated panels, on average, cool the air in your room 10-15 degrees down compared to the temperatures outside. That’s some serious shade! These rooms are my favorite place to sit and read a book, or do a little work from home.

Pool Cage: A pool cage is fairly self-explainatory, it’s a structure built with aluminum framing and screened walls which stands over a pool. This structure is designed to keep all kinds of things from leaves and sticks, to geckos and turtles out of your pool. If you live here in Florida and have a pool, a pool cage is a must! We build ours to offer homeowners panoramic views so that they can fully enjoy their outdoor space without a ton of aluminum framing in the way, while still maintaining that “no bugs allowed” feeling.

Bonus: Customized Hybrid Project: Do you get the feeling you’d like more than one of these? Maybe you have a pool and want to extend the concrete footprint and add a pergola? Maybe you have a small lanai and want to extend the space with a screened enclosure attached to it? The good news is, we do it all! We can create a custom project just for you!

We absolutely love making homeowners outdoor spaces more enjoyable! If you live in Central Florida and need one of these projects done, reach out to us at 352-272-9665.

We would love to give you a free estimate and see how we can begin creating the outdoor space of your dreams!


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