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Top 5 Reasons A Screened Enclosure is Worth It!

Are you a new home owner? Have you been considering getting a screened enclosure built in your backyard or over your pool? Maybe you just want to expand the footprint of the house you've owned for years. Either way, this list should help you! I've compiled a list of 5 reasons that a screened enclosure is a worthwhile investment. There are many more, of course, but these 5 are at the top of my list.

1. Expand your outdoor space: It’s no secret that adding a screened enclosure to your pool or outdoor patio extends your outdoor space! Patio's and pools can feel open, incomplete, or even "naked" without an enclosure around it. Adding an enclosure adds that finishing touch to the space!

2. Privacy: Screened enclosures offer an amazing amount of privacy while also preserving your outdoor views! So you can relax and enjoy your pool without feeling like your neighbors are looking at you while also still enjoying the beautiful view of your yard. Screens, like window tint, allow better visibility from the inside out, than the outside - in, so go ahead and wear your favorite bikini, no one's judging here.

3. No bugs: Read that agian, NO BUGS. I don’t care if you are the most kind-hearted “wouldn’t hurt a fly” type of person. No one enjoys bugs in their pool, on their food, or on their skin. Period. A huge benefit of screened enclosures is that bugs disappear! The screen is manufactured to prevent bugs, strong winds and critters like lizards and geckos from getting through, while still allowing smooth air - flow. So you can kick your feet up and eat your burger with no bugs to eh.. bug you.

4. UV Protection: This is one of my favorite features of screens that we use. Automatic, built in protection from UV rays. Our standard screens offer up to a 30% reduction in the amount of UV rays that get through. Less UV rays means less damage to your skin, your furniture and your pool lining. We even offer products like SunTex 95 that block a whopping 95% of UV rays from getting through! Definitely still apply sun screen when you’re going to be outside, but rest assured that your skin, your furniure and your pool lining is recieving less sun damage than without the screen.

5. Save Money: Did you know that pool companies charge less for monthly maintenance when you have an enclosure? It makes sense, right? Less bugs, less maintenance. That sounds like a win to us!

I hope this list helps you! Whatever you decide, remember that its your yard, your pool & your space, so make the decision that suits your family best! As always, if you have any questions, comments, or want to schedule a free estimate feel free to leave us a message on the website or call / text us at 352-272-9665


Christine Flora

A1 Aluminum

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