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A1 Aluminum Pool screen repair

We design and build beautiful outdoor spaces including screened enclosures, pool cages, elite panel roof rooms, sunrooms, and front porch patios. 


We do everything from permitting to concrete to building to finishing. 

Pool Cages

Enjoy being outside in your pool with our custom installed pool cages and pool enclosures.  Aluminum and screen that can add sun protection, privacy, keep the insects out.  

Screened Enclosures

The beauty of being outdoors without all the insects!  Our screened enclosures allow you to enjoy your outdoor space.  Fill-ins and attached full frame aluminum cage enclosures.  On existing concrete slab or one that we create. 

Rescreen Projects

Did you know the average screen lasts 5-6 years.  Due to the Florida sun baking the screen, screens become worn and begin to deteriorate.  Allow us to rescreen your enclosure so you may continue to enjoy your outdoor space.

Panel Roofs

Insulated panel structure, customized for your enclosure, adds shade, provides shelter from rain.

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Rear Lanai Fill-In

We add upgraded aluminum 

framing to an existing rear lanai and fill it in with the screen that matches your needs to create your perfect outdoor space.  



Brighten up your backyard! High end customized elegant enclosures.

Hybrid Projects

We can combine two projects such as filling in an existing lanai, and building a custom enclosure for a space such as a hot tub. 

With us, custom means custom.

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