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Frozen Plants are Ugly Plants

Did the cold snap freeze your porch plants to death? It certainly did ours. Meet the Cleopatra Canna! This beautiful flower is one of our favorite Spring Trends for 2022. This flower is non-toxic & pet friendly, thrives in hot & humid climates, & even attracts butterflies & hummingbirds. Now that's the kind of oasis we want!

Beautiful flowers like Cannas help transform your out door space from a well - designed screen enclosure, to a beautiful, personal, oasis! Get ahead of the crowd and grab these trendy spring flowers now, you won't be disappointed when the rich orange and red blooms perfectly complement the luscious green stems! And if you have a pool, those sweet blues will add to the color, making you feel like you've escaped to your own private island.

Here at A1 Aluminum, we're all about making your outdoor spaces as enjoyable as possible. Private Island vibes are exactly what we want in our lives this spring!

Click here to get more info on how to add this beauty to your enclosure!

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